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Branding Resources


Silent Knight has designed and manufactured commercial fire alarm and life safety systems for small to medium buildings since 1961. With an extensive portfolio of life safety devices, Silent Knight offers the products you need to protect lives and property while keeping up with continuously evolving code requirements.

Starting in June 2017, Silent Knight by Honeywell will be transitioning our branding to become Honeywell Silent Knight. This exciting opportunity will leverage the power of Honeywell branding and messaging to open new doors for our customers.

Historically, Honeywell has held a portfolio of well recognized industrial safety brands, which existed independently. Going forward, you’ll benefit from a wider range of products, plus complete solutions designed to help you do business with us.

The following resources have been developed to help answer commonly asked questions and provide important information and files related to the Honeywell Silent Knight branding transition.

If there are any additional questions, please contact us at: