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Discontinued Products

151051.pdf1510512224 Two Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel
151068.pdf1510684224 Four Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel
151174.pdf1511745083/84 Telephone Entry System
150644.pdf1506445204 Four Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel
150865.pdf1508655207 Eight Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel
150486.pdf1504865207 Operation Card
5495_Files.zip5495_Files5495 Power Supply - Data Sheet, Manual, and CAD Files
5499_Files.zip5499_Files5499 Power Supply - Data Sheet, Manual, and CAD Files
350137.pdf3501375600 Data Sheet
151450.pdf1514505600 Installation Manual
350392.pdf3503925700 Data Sheet
151295.pdf1512955700 Manual
350386.pdf3503865808 Data Sheet
151274.pdf1512745808 Manual
350210.pdf3502105820XL Data Sheet
LS10061-001SK-E.pdfLS10061-001SK-E5820XL/5820XL-EVS Installation Manual
351562.pdf3515625820XL-EVS Data Sheet
151117.pdf1511176324 Six Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel
350095.pdf3500959500 Desktop Receiver
151059.pdf1510599500 Installation Manual
350013.pdf3500139800 Desktop Receiver
151018.pdf1510189800 Installation Manual
B210LP Datasheet and Manual.zipB210LP Datasheet and ManualB210LP 6" Mounting Base
CELL-CAB-SK Datasheet and Manual.zipCELL-CAB-SK Datasheet and ManualCELL-CAB-SK Datasheet and Manual
CELL-MOD Datasheet and Manual.zipCELL-MOD Datasheet and ManualCELL-MOD Datasheet and Manual
HFS-D Datasheet and Manual.zipHFS-D Datasheet and ManualHFS-D – Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detector
HFS-MM Datasheet and Manual.zipHFS-MM Datasheet and ManualHFS-MM – Mini Monitor Module
HFS-MR Datasheet and Manual.zipHFS-MR Datasheet and ManualHFS-MR – Addressable Relay Module
HFS-P and PT Datasheet and Manual.zipHFS-P and PT Datasheet and ManualHFS-P & HFS-PT Photoelectric Smoke Detector (PT w/ Thermal)
HFS-T Datasheet and Manual.zipHFS-T Datasheet and ManualHFS-T – Fixed Temperature Thermal Detector
Intelligent Bases Datasheet and Manuals.zipIntelligent Bases Datasheet and ManualsIntelligent Bases (B224BI, B224RB, B200S, B200SR, B501)
IPGSM-4G  Datasheet and Manual.zipIPGSM-4G Datasheet and ManualIPGSM-4G
350243.pdf350243SD500-LED LED Driver Module Data Sheet
sd500LEDis.pdfsd500LEDisSD500-LED LED Driver Module Manual
350227.pdf350227SD505-AIS Addressable Ionization Smoke Data Sheet
350236.pdf350236SD505-DTS Remote Test Switch Data Sheet
SK-Acclimate Datasheet and Manual.zipSK-Acclimate Datasheet and ManualSK-Acclimate Multi-Criteria Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector
SK-Beam Datasheet and Manual.zipSK-Beam Datasheet and ManualSK-Beam & SK-Beam-T Addressable Beam Smoke Detector
150932.pdf150932SKE-300 Series Voice Evacuation Panel
SK-FIRE-CO Datasheet and Manual.zipSK-FIRE-CO Datasheet and ManualSK-FIRE-CO
SK-Heat Datasheet and Manual.zipSK-Heat Datasheet and ManualSK-Heat, SK-Heat-HT, SK-Heat-ROR Addressable Heat Detectors
SK-Photo Datasheet and Manual.zipSK-Photo Datasheet and ManualSK-Photo & SK-Photo-T Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector