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Devices (Addressable)

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Silent Knight offers addressable plug-in photoelectric and thermal detectors that use a state-of-the art technology with communications to provide open area protection that are used exclusively with Silent Knight’s Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs).
SWIFT wireless addressable devices provide secure, reliable communication to the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) across a class A mesh network. Great for applications where it is costly, obtrusive, or possibly dangerous to use traditional wired devices.
Addressable fire alarm control panels that vary in size and capability to meet a wide range of needs, while offering superior value and flexibility.
Silent Knight offers several options of communicators that interface with fire alarm control panels (FACPs) and transmitters that are designed for a variety of fire and non-fire applications.
Silent Knight offers a variety of annunciators that mimic the fire alarm control panel and provide system status indicators to support different installation requirements.
Silent Knight addressable panels provide a 4-conductor circuit called the SBUS (Serial Bus) that connects specific addressable modules. These modules include: signal line circuit expanders, power modules, interface cards, fiber optic modules and more.

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