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Operation Cards

5820XL-EVS OP card.pdf5820XL-EVS5820XL-EVS OP cardAddressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
5700OpCard.pdfIntelliKnight 5700 - Up to 50 addressable points5700OpCardAddressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
5808opcard.pdfIntelliKnight 5808 - Up to 127 addressable points5808opcardAddressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
op_card.pdfIntelliKnight 5820XL - Up to 508 addressable pointsop_cardAddressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
sk2opcard.pdfSK-2 Conventional FACP 2 Zonesk2opcardConventional Fire Alarm Control Panels
sk4opcard.pdfSK-4 Conventional FACP 4 Zonesk4opcardConventional Fire Alarm Control Panels
5208Opcard.pdfSK-5208 Conventional FACP 10-30 Zone5208OpcardAddressable Fire Alarm Control Panel